Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Underwear Packaging

Now to make big bloomers to look sexy??...

Showing the contents seems to work when selling goods because the  customer will trust what they are getting more if they can see it easily.

I absolutely love this packaging, seeing a glimpse of what is inside works well because the underwear is focused on the pattern.

Showing a model of the front wearing the contents makes people feel they will look as good as this if they wear the boxers. This is somewhat deceptive.

I don't really like this design. It doesn't really appeal to me because there is nothing that stand out to be on it. The shape of the packaging is irrelevant to the contents and the images look too hand drawn to be of any use to my project.

A belly band is a simple and effective way to package knickers. However, because the knickers that I am packaging aren't the prettiest of things I want to show as little of the knickers as possible from the outside of the packaging. Maybe having a cut out hole in the packaging so you can take a glimpse of the contents would work better.

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